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David: It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish.

Hello there, my name is David Namerppo. As an international student at a renowned university, I first had difficulty finding my feet in my course of studies. In hindsight the combination of not surrounding myself with similar minded peers and having to work part-time 20 hours a week, made it difficult to find my rhythm. I am here to point out a few lessons which took me a long time to learn.

After failing a few tests during the semester and trying to find myself as the student I wanted to be. I needed to change my ways, my habits and break my patterns. After spending a few hours researching for answers to take me out of the rut I was in, I came upon Wegbereiter.  The blogs on their page sparked curiosity in me. At that time I knew already at the time I clearly wanted to go ahead with my studies.  Wegbereiter is one of the stepping stones which helped me break my old patterns and point out the direction I wanted to take.

Although I was under the impression when studying you don’t need anyone else other than yourself – especially in my situation – it is invaluable to have fellow students with whom you can complete your studies.This becomes very important in times when you don’t take in every single information in every lecture, when you are studying for a test or most importantly to not feel alone while on the path to getting your degree.

Connections to peers can be created in the first semesters and even if it’s the 3. / 4. semester, you can still create the group of people with whom you can make you student life easier. This group of people needs not to be befriended with you and you don’t have to make them your close friends.

They’re literally similar to your work colleagues. Although I am a very social person, I was looking for people who would also fit in as friends of mine. That is one of the main points that kept me from creating such a group.

A big factor that will keep you focused in your studies, is having a clear direction in regards to your studies. That means having clear and defined goals and priorities. I had clear goals, but little grey zones that hindered me in keeping my goals. For example, my studies are important to me but as well as my friendships and relationships. What I learned is to have clear priorities when these goals conflict with each other.

Create a well-structured plan for the coming months into the semester – the semester flies by very quickly. Exam dates and deadlines should be incorporated into your plan to make things easier.

Include also “free-time” or time with friends, being a student is not only about studying but also living your life. If you have done the above well, it will be easy to say no to friends or anything that might clash with the time you have allocated for your studies without feeling bad about it.

Sticking to your priorities, discipline and plan will help you achieve your goals.

As the second paragraph suggests: asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. It can help you reorient yourself and find other perspectives or solutions that you had not seen before and most of all it will make sure you don’t feel alone in your struggles. I sincerely hope I have helped or inspired you on your journey.

Best Regards,


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